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It’s a Friday afternoon and you are successfully knocking out your to-do list for the day: drafting plans, responding to clients and landing media stories. And then it hits: the 3 p.m. energy crash that we dread but have all experienced.

When your energy is waning, the last two hours of the day can feel like the longest, but when it comes to delivering winning public relations strategies for our clients, succumbing to the temptation to snooze is not an option.

When we hit a wall or need a change of scenery our RunSwitch, we all have a favorite spot around town where we like to retreat and grab our favorite caffeinated beverage. We find that moving to a remote, fresh atmosphere helps us refocus and make sure we are maximizing each minute for our clients.

So, here are our top three Strategic Spaces & Places around town. Try them out the next time you find yourself struggling with heavy eyelids. And if you see one of us working there, be sure to say hello!

Heine Brothers

Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening, Heine Brothers is a great place to escape and feel relaxed while still checking off your to-do list. This is Les Fugate’s favorite place to work and he enjoys their Chai Tea.

Rachel Bledsoe and Steve Bryant also escape to Heine Brothers on a regular basis and their organic, fair-trade coffee is their go-to beverage. Spring for Heine Brothers when you want a friendly face and comfortable atmosphere that make you feel at home.

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Brickhouse Tap & Tavern

If you want to be productive but still catch the game AND enjoy a beer, then the Brickhouse Tap & Tavern is the place for you. Steve recommends the pint of Shinerbock in the evening hours as a reward for a productive day.

This inviting and unique atmosphere provides screen TVs, a cozy fireplace, and secluded seating that provides perfect privacy for cranking out the finishing touches on a PR strategy.
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Highland Coffee

Do you know where Highland Coffee is? Charissa Acree does. You can find her there at least 4 days of the week (at a minimum) chatting with her favorite barista, Jen, and soaking up the unique, eclectic vibe the Highlands are known for.

With a welcoming atmosphere and baristas who remember your name, Highland Coffee offers a range of delicious coffees whose flavors rotate from day to day and has a variety of homemade treats sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Charissa and Rachel both recommend Highland Coffee for a refreshing work scenery. If you visit during cold-weather months, Charissa says the “Chider”—a delicious mix of chai tea and apple cider—is a must.

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