Why RunSwitch?

How we got our name, and why we are the public relations and affairs agency you’ve been seeking.  

It was early summer 2012, and public relations and public affairs veterans Steve Bryant, Gary Gerdemann and Scott Jennings were banding together to form a new public relations agency. Their mission: amass a team of professionals with the vast experience and tactical expertise to deliver measurable (and meaningful) results for the even toughest public relations or public affairs issue.

They had a team that packed immense talent and expertise. They had an office culture that fostered collaboration and teamwork. All they needed was a name for this new company.  As they tossed about ideas, a simple mechanism familiar to any avid boater entered the equation: the run switch, a mechanism that must be flipped in order for the engine to run, the propeller to move, and the boat to move forward.  That’s when the team decided that “flipping the switch” was the perfect metaphor for how we engage with our clients.

If you need to execute a winning communications strategy, you need to flip the RunSwitch.

Every day businesses, organizations, and individuals encounter challenging situations that require the backing of a strategic, thoughtful public relations or public affairs strategy. Without this strategy—and the right team to implement it—progress and a resolution to the issue is nearly impossible. Enter RunSwitch. We’re the agency you need on your side before you can move forward.

Recently recognized as the largest public relations and public affairs agency in the state of Kentucky, RunSwitch is ready to activate the PR mechanisms you need to achieve your business, legislative, communications, and marketing goals. We’re based in Louisville, Kentucky, but we have an international client base that reaches from Milan, Italy to Seattle, Washington. We provide individualized, responsive service, unparalleled expertise, and we deliver what matters most in business or politics: a winning strategy.

So, are you ready to win? Engage with RunSwitch.

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