RunSwitch PR & Harper Polling Release Human Interest Survey Results

From July 31-August 1, 2016, RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling conducted a human interest survey in conjunction with a politics and issues survey among 500 registered voters in the state of Kentucky. This week RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling are releasing the human interest survey results.

Human Interest Questions

Southerner or Midwesterner?
Is Kentucky more of Midwestern state of a Southern state? For the answer, we asked Kentuckians. The results are a landslide with 64% saying they consider themselves more of a Southerner compared with just 24% who say they are Midwesterners.

Identification as a Midwesterner peaks in Northern Kentucky (53%). Kentuckians in the Bluegrass (77%) and Eastern Kentucky (75%) regions are the most likely to consider themselves Southerners. Kentuckians in the Louisville media market (27%) are more likely than those in Lexington media market (14%) to consider themselves more Midwestern.

Drinking Bourbon
A surprising 70% of Kentuckians say they “do not drink bourbon.” Among those who embrace their bourbon stereotype, 13% say they prefer their bourbon “mixed over ice” while 9% choose “straight on the rocks” and “5%” say neat.

People in the Bluegrass (35%), Louisville (30%) and Northern Kentucky (33%) regions are the most likely to drink bourbon, and all prefer it “mixed over ice” (17%, 14%, 17% respectively). Women are less likely than men to drink bourbon (76% no, 64% no).

Dry or Wet?
Kentuckians are split on the question of whether counties should be allowed to enforce their own alcohol laws (40%) or whether the state should permit alcohol sales in all counties of the state (48%).

Most Anticipated Olympic Sport
Gymnastics (21%) edged out Basketball (19%) as the Olympic sport that Kentuckians looked forward to the most this year in Rio’s Summer Olympics. These sports are followed fairly distantly by swimming (14%) and track and field (11%). Women prefer Gymnastics (31%) followed by Swimming (17%) while Men choose Basketball (26%) and Track and Field (16%).

Online Dating
Matchmaking in Kentucky does not happen online, as just 4% tell us that they have had a successful date using a dating website. Men are twice as likely as women to claim they have had a successful date from an online dating website (5% to 2.6%).

Cats vs. Dogs
In the battle for supremacy between America’s most common house pets, dogs win the hearts of 62% of Kentuckians. Sixteen percent prefer cats.

Republicans and Democrats find common ground here, with 63% and 62%, respectively, preferring dogs. It’s not all bad news for cats; women are nearly twice as likely to choose cats (21%) as men (12%). Young people also show cats more love (18-39: 19%, 40-54: 23%).

An Online Ultimatum
The survey proposed the following scenario to respondents, “If you were offered $2 million dollars to completely give up access to the internet and social media, like Facebook, for the rest of your life, would you choose to take the money, OR would you choose to forfeit the $2 million dollars in order to keep your access to the internet and social media?”

Over three-in-four Kentuckians would take the $2 million and spend the rest of their lives offline (77%). BUT…11% said they would forgo the payment to remain online!

Believe in Ghosts?
More than a third of Kentuckians believe in ghosts or spirits (38%) while 49% do not.
Republicans (41% Yes, 44% No) are more likely to believe in ghosts than Democrats (35% Yes, 52% No). A majority of people living in Northern Kentucky believe in ghosts or spirits (57%/23%).

Life After Death
There is little doubt in the mind of Kentuckians as to whether there is life after death. An overwhelming 64% say there is “definitely” life after death with another 15% saying that the afterlife is probable (79% Yes total). Republicans (84% yes) and Democrats (78% yes) both agree. Younger voters are the least likely to believe in the afterlife (65%).

By a 2-to-1 margin, survey respondents believe that there are “other life forms in the universe besides those found on Earth” (54% yes/26% no). Thirty-eight percent of Northern Kentuckians say there are definitely extraterrestrials (62% total yes), as do 31% of Eastern Kentuckians (56% total yes).

Conspiracy Theories
A 42% plurality feel that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy. as Republicans (47%), Democrats (40%) and respondents registered with neither party (38%) generally agree on that. Men are significantly more likely to be conspiracy theory skeptics (32% none of them) than women (18%).

The State of the Races – Revisited

Earlier this month, RunSwitch PR & Harper Polling released a Kentucky politics and issues survey. But, does Senator Paul or Democratic challenger Jim Gray win over cat lovers? Is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump gaining the support of dog lovers? See the “Off the Beaten Path” section, below.

U.S. Senate Ballot
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, as July came to a close ,was well-positioned for reelection, leading his Democratic challenger Jim Gray by 12% (50%-38%).

Off the Beaten Path—

Paul has a more solid lead among dog lovers (52-36%) than he does among cat people (48-39%). He holds the advantage among people who would take $2 million to give up access to the internet and social media (51-40%) while Gray takes a majority among those who would give up $2 million to keep their internet access (52-31%).

Presidential Ballot
At the conclusion of July, Donald Trump held a 49%-36% lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among Kentucky voters. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein garnered just 5% and 2% of the vote, respectively.

Off the Beaten Path—

Trump expands his lead over Clinton among people who prefer to drink their bourbon neat (57-39%). In contrast to Senator Paul, Trump’s lead over Clinton is wider among cat people (53-34%) than it is among dog people (49-35%). He earns a majority of the vote among people who identify as Southerners (53-34%) while Clinton narrows his lead among those who call themselves Midwesterners (48-37%).

Download PDF of the Complete RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling Human Interest Survey Here.

Survey Methodology: The sample size for the survey is 500 registered voters in Kentucky and the margin of error is +/-4.4%. Responses were gathered through land line interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The survey was conducted July 31-August 1, 2016 by Harper Polling. The total percentages for responses may not equal 100% due to rounding. The ballot questions were not “informed” by any positive or negative information introduced prior to asking voters for their preference in a particular race.


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