Telling Dare to Care’s Story

Project Description


Dare to Care


Dare to Care Food Bank, a nonprofit with limited funds for advertising, works with more than 300 partner agencies across Kentuckiana to serve the community. In an effort to increase awareness, Dare to Care needed a way to share with its donors and the community how these agencies partner with them to fight hunger in Kentuckiana.


As Dare to Care’s primary content builder and social media manager, we knew there was an opportunity to tell the story in a compelling way. We used our resources to create short videos highlighting Dare to Care partner agencies around Kentuckiana. The videos highlight the partner agencies mission and why that fits into the mission of Dare to Care. We spent time meeting with partner agencies and interviewing them about their work. The interviews were turned into minute long videos that were continuously incorporated into our monthly social media plan for Dare to Care.


The community gets a continuous stream of information that highlights how partner agencies are helping feed the community, what their initiatives are and what kind of services they offer. The spotlights showcase the variety of agencies Dare to Care partners with and how they meet the needs of each individual client within the Kentuckiana region.

The success of the project led to positive interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. By incorporating partner agencies social media outlets, we were able to spread news about the work of Dare to Care even further.


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