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Welcoming nearly 160,000 of your closest friends for a big event? Better have a good parking plan! Churchill Downs, host of the world-famous Kentucky Derby, wanted to ensure its guests, community stakeholders and neighbors were well-informed on the track’s new parking and entry procedures leading up to Derby Week 2018. Our job was communicating how these changes would streamline the flow of traffic and improve parking around the racetrack. Most importantly, we had to make sure everyone knew where to park.

RunSwitch worked with Churchill Downs to educate a broad audience on all the fine points of Derby parking and entry. We created and launched, making procedures easy for guests to understand through maps and other resources, and breaking down information by day and method of arrival. Additionally, we crafted two easily-shareable videos highlighting the new parking and entry procedures in a simple-to-understand fashion. RunSwitch also worked closely with local media, generating widespread coverage across the region through multiple in-person briefings with the Louisville Metro Police and Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau; a press conference with Louisville Metro Police, distributing press releases and creating several pieces of collateral tailored toward specific audiences. We also provided Churchill Downs with a dedicated spokesperson to handle all media interviews and community meetings. Finally, RunSwitch deployed a rapid-response team throughout Derby Week to monitor and respond to media and social media from the racetrack’s command center, answering questions, providing updates and correcting misinformation.

The message was delivered and well-received, meaning people knew where to park. Mission accomplished! There was very little confusion related to parking and entry changes, and became the go-to trusted source for all Derby Week parking information. By the end of Derby Week, had a total of 135,626 page views, while the videos detailing parking changes received a combined total of 125,269 views. All major television, radio and print outlets across the region ran positive stories on the parking and entry procedures leading up to and during Derby Week. Overall, the public was appreciative of the attention to detail on implementing and communicating the parking and entry changes and viewed it as a reflection of Churchill Down’s dedication improving their guest experience.

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Client: Churchill Downs

Tags: Content Creation, Public Relations, Social Media, Web

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