Survey Results: Kentucky Governor’s Race

See below for Tweets unveiling the results of a survey of likely voters in Kentucky’s 2015 Governor’s Race, conducted by RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling. The survey tested questions in both party primaries and hypothetical general election match-ups. The independent poll was conducted January 28-31. RunSwitch PR is not affiliated with any candidate running for governor. For a full summary of the survey results, click here.

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Again, thanks to @HarperPolling for being our partner on this survey. KY is again going to be ground zero for politics in 2015! #kygov

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…on our website: 

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That concludes @RunSwitchPR / @HarperPolling 2015 #kygov survey. Thank you for following along. We are posting all documents and memos…

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And finally @BarackObama sits at 32% approval vs. 59% disapproval. Improved national #’s not seeping into state level polling here in KY.

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Threw in a couple of job approvals to close out. @GovSteveBeshear is +19, with 50% approving vs. 31% disapprove. 

Gov Poll General Results-04

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So #kygov is very close to start, with slight GOP edge generically, and 2 of its candidates leading to start. Dogfight for#kygov is on

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.@KYComer +4 over @ConwayforKY, @HalHeiner +2 over @ConwayforKY, @ConwayforKY +4 over @WillTScottKY & @ConwayforKY +4 over @MattBevin

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Now #kygov general election head to head. Comer & Heiner lead Conway; Conways leads Bevin and Scott. All in MoE 

Gov Poll General Results-02

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Generic Ballot in #kygov shows Republicans at 48% to Democrats 43%, with 9% not sure. +5 for GOP to start in ’15

Gov Poll General Results-05

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Again, those images are among general election voters in KY for #kygov in 2015

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Images: @KYComer 45/20/35; @HalHeiner 33/28/38; @WillTScottKY29/26/45; @MattBevin 35/32/34; @ConwayforKY 46/35/19.  Gov Poll General Results-03 3:37 PM 

General Election sample images: @AlisonForKY – 46/47/7. 27% VERY FAVORABLE vs. 29% VERY UNFAVORABLE. Grimes underwater following #kysen.

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Here’s a graphic on the issues important to likely voters in #kygov in 2015.  Gov Poll General Results-01 3:32 PM 

General Election #kygov voter issues: economy (45%), education (16%), Obamacare/KYNECT (16%), taxes & spending (13%), roads & bridges (5%).

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Likely #kygov voters, by a 38% to 52% margin, say the state is on the wrong track. 10% aren’t sure.

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General Election sample of 640 likely voters, with MoE of +/- 3.87%. Conducted using IVR technology by @HarperPolling.

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That was 261 likely GOP primary voters w/ MoE of +/- 6.07%. Now to general election sample. Again, thanks to @HarperPolling for these #’s. 

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Our #’s similar to last week’s @RemingtonPolls survey of #kygov GOP…

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.@HarperPolling #kygov GOP primary ballot: Comer 25%, Heiner 19%, Bevin 18%, Scott 9%. GOP Primary Poll Results-02 3:24 PM

So the image starting points in GOP#kygov primary, before much if any paid media, is Comer +44, Heiner +32, Scott +8, Bevin +23.

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So the image starting points in GOP#kygov primary, before much if any paid media, is Comer +44, Heiner +32, Scott +8, Bevin +23.

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More GOP #kygov primary images: @WillTScottKY at 31% – 23%. @MattBevinis 47% – 24%.

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Images of GOP candidates among R primary voters: @KYComer is 57% fav vs. 13% unfav. @HalHeiner 48% to 16%.#kygov GOP Primary Poll Results-03 3:20 PM

Issues for R primary voters: econ (44%), tax/spend (19%), Obamacare/KYNECT (16%), ed (11%), roads (6%) in #kygov poll GOP Primary Poll Results-01 3:19 PM

GOP primary voters not happy with direction of KY. 28% say right track vs. 62% who say wrong track.

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Now for the GOP sample on #kygov. 261 likely voters were surveyed, Jan 28-31.

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Dem sample was 255 likely voters with MoE of +/- 6.14%. @HarperPollingsnagged these likely voter responses Jan 28-31 using IVR technology.

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Satisfied with their choices? Only 34% of likely D primary voters say are. 55% wanted other choices #kygov Dem Primary Poll Results-02 3:13 PM

Head-to-Head ballot in #kygov Dem primary shows Conway at 59% vs.13% for Young to 28% who aren’t sure. Conway will be nominee. However…

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Conway’s opponent, Geoff Young, is virtually unknown. 52% aren’t sure who he is. The rest are split 22-26 fav/unfav.#kygov

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Among D primary voters, @ConwayforKY(state AG & candidate for #kygov) image is 66% fav & 21% unfav. 14% unsure. Dem Primary Poll Results-03 3:08 PM

Candidate images – Among D primary voters @AlisonForKY has an image of 71% pos & 26% neg. She’s running for reelection to Sec of State.

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Issues important to D primary voters: econ (44%), ed (21%), Obamacare/KYNECT (15%), taxes/spending (12%), roads (7%).  Dem Primary Poll Results-01 3:04 PM

50% of likely Dem primary voters say things in KY going the right direction, vs. 38% who say they aren’t. GOP & Gen Election sample disagree

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Ok, here we go! We were in the field January 28-31. Let’s start in the Democratic primary for #kygov where we sampled 255 likely voters.

3:02 PM  BTW – check out @HarperPolling on the web at They do great work all over the country. 3:01 PM Hello! For the next bit we’ll be Tweeting results of a statewide survey we conducted with testing KY’s ’15 gov race.

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