Meet Our Team: Rachel Bledsoe

Rachel Bledsoe’s experience and background in healthcare policy has served a broad range of RunSwitch’s healthcare clientele since the agency first opened its doors in 2012. As one of our founding team members, Rachel brings to the company a unique public affairs and public relations skill set. But those skills don’t just stop at healthcare.

Recently, Rachel pitched and secured media coverage for the grand opening of Blaze Pizza, an expanding fast-casual pizza business, in Louisville. Her efforts generated significant media coverage for the new restaurant as well as awareness among potential customers. Rachel was thrilled with the outcome and says the Blaze Pizza project has been one of her favorite client projects.

“It was really great to have such attraction to the event,” Rachel said. “In general, the amount of media interest and stories we were able to generate was amazing.”

Rachel believes that RunSwitch’s unique approach to both public affairs and public relations is one of the company’s best assets.

“We do it all,” she said. “From organizing a press conference on a policy issue to a ribbon-cutting for a pizza restaurant, RunSwitch knows how to tackle any challenge we face and secure the results that matter.”

Rachel attributes much of that success to the comradery that exists among the RunSwitch team.

“I really like the close-knit atmosphere we have created at RunSwitch,” she said. “We are unique in that we have broad experience and are able to work closely together to support our clients and get the job done.”

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