Meet Our Team: Kaylee Carnahan

Kaylee Carnahan utilizes a unique background in political campaigning to serve RunSwitch PR’s diverse clientele. She specializes in grassroots management and media strategies.

Kaylee joined the RunSwitch team in 2013 before taking a brief hiatus to serve on Governor Terry Branstad’s campaign in Iowa. In Iowa, Kaylee and her team successfully built a robust grassroots program at the most local level, precinct by precinct, in preparation for the 2014 caucuses and election season. Following a successful caucus season, Kaylee returned to RunSwitch and is now an Account Director and Chief of Staff.

In 2012, Kaylee served as special assistant to the State Director of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in Ohio. During her time with the campaign, Kaylee was an integral part of building the Ohio’s record-breaking Republican grassroots program, assisted with event planning, and coordinated staff operations for more than 150 staffers statewide. Following the 2012 campaign, Kaylee joined the team at RunSwitch.

Kaylee is excited to work at RunSwitch, executing winning strategies for clients across the county. She leads several multi-state accounts, blending political campaign strategies that include a grassroots and grasstops focus with traditional public relations tactics. As the account lead for Amazon, Kaylee oversees day-to-day public relations efforts for the e-commerce company’s fulfillment network across the central US.

“Because of the dynamic team I work alongside of, there’s never a day that I leave the office without a new perspective or idea on a project. Finding ways to utilize the backgrounds and knowledge of team members into our strategy makes RunSwitch an exciting place to be, and the result of that team collaboration makes RunSwitch an unparalleled partner for our clients.”

Learn more about Kaylee and the rest of the RunSwitch team here.

Posted on February 5, 2015 in News, Press

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