Meet Emily Colosi, RunSwitch’s Summer Intern

RunSwitch extends a big welcome to Emily Colosi, one of our summer interns. Learn more about Emily below:

Name: Emily Colosi

Hometown: Louisville, KY

College/Year/Major: University of Georgia, Rising Senior, Public Relations

What part of your internship are you most excited about?

I am excited to work with intelligent and enthusiastic people who can teach me skills that I will be able to use throughout the entirety of my career. 

What drew you to intern at RunSwitch?

I was drawn to RunSwitch due to it being both a Public Relations and Public Affairs firm. Working in an in-house firm previously, I am excited to have a totally different` experience with RunSwitch. 

What is one skill you hope to get better at during your internship?

One skill I hope to improve while at RunSwitch is my writing. It is a skill that always has room for improvement and being able to write concisely and effectively is a vital skill in the Public Relations industry. 

  • Favorite Louisville restaurant: Jack Fry’s 
  • Favorite summer activity: Hiking 
  • Currently Netflix binge: The Office 
  • Dream travel destination: Iceland
  • Three things you would want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island: sunscreen, my dog, water 
  • Go-to karaoke song: I Will Survive 
  • Last really great book you read: The Nightingale 
  • One thing you’ve waited in line the longest for: Concert tickets 
  • If you were to have a superpower what would it be: Invisibility  

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