iPhoneography: 5 Tips for Capturing the Holidays

iPhoneography: 5 Tips for Capturing the Holidays

By: Kalli Plump

The holidays are filled with photo worthy moments: the tree you worked so hard to decorate, your child baking cookies and tearing into gifts on Christmas morning, etc. In the midst of the holiday hustle, take time to slow down and capture the memories. The great news is you don’t need to be a professional photographer or have expensive equipment to capture the excitement, as today’s cell phones have excellent cameras. Below are some tips for taking great photos this holiday season:

  1. Find great light.

Lighting can make or break a photo. Look for where the most natural light comes into your home and use that. This applies to photos in front of the tree too. Try to get some shots in front of the tree in the morning, when you can let in a little natural light on the side but still see the tree’s lights. Avoid using your phone’s flash.

  1. Think about composition.

Before you click the shutter, think about the placement of your subject. Avoid cutting off your subjects at their joints, as that makes them look awkward. Look around and see if you can use the room to frame your subject. And get creative with where your subject is located in the frame, having them in the dead center of every shot gets boring fast.

  1. Capture candids too.

Capturing the “real” moments will provide a more accurate memory of your holiday experience. It’s also a lot easier. Sit back and capture the holiday excitement as it unfolds, and save the posed photos for the end of an event.

  1. Get creative with editing apps.

One of the best things about shooting on your iPhone is that you can easily edit your photos – no uploading or importing required. A few of my favorite (free) editing apps are VSCO, Afterlight and Snapseed.

  1. Do something with those wonderful photos.

So many times we just leave photos on our phones or on social media. But there’s something so rewarding about holding a physical copy of your photo in your hands. Whether it’s a photo book or prints, do the extra work to turn your photos into keepsakes. I recommend printing from here or here for the highest quality and most accurate colors.

Posted on December 19, 2017 in Article

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