How to Develop the Most Important Brand of All: YOU

How to Develop the Most Important Brand of All: YOU

By: Tia Chancellor

Your personal brand is important when considering where to invest both your time and energy. Consistently working to create an admirable reputation and work ethic won’t go unnoticed by your friends and colleagues. Not only is it important for success each and every day, but for your entire career. Use the tips below to successfully create a memorable, unique and reputable personal brand.

  1. Body Language

Confidence is key. Whether you are trying to land your dream job, meet a new partner or looking to win praise from your peers, you need to make an impression on everyone you meet. This starts with your initial body language and eye contact.

One of the leading body language experts in the world and social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, says,  “Whenever you are in the presence of other people, try as much as you can to hold eye contact. Your ability to do this will calmly convey greater confidence even if you don’t feel it. And, before walking into any social or professional setting, loosen your shoulders, neck and jaws. This will decrease your anxiety while simultaneously raising your confidence.”

  1. Authenticity Online

We live in the age of Snapchat filters, tweets, Instagram stories and blogs. While the advancement of technology is providing great opportunity for businesses, it can pose a threat in terms of your personal brand. Social Media is an incredible tool to use to express your personality and show who you are but can quickly become detrimental if misused. Even when you are alone with the 6-inch square of light in your hands, you are ALWAYS representing yourself personally and professionally.

Brett Farmiloe, founder of Markitors, a digital marketing company, says, “The best thing to do is keep being you online, but do a quick double-check before you hit the ‘post’ button. When in doubt, ask yourself this question: ‘Would I be OK with my grandma reading this?’ If the answer is No, then don’t post it. It’s simply not worth it.”

  1. Stand Out in a Crowd

Networking is not just about making a great first impression – it’s about making a lasting one. Although standing out amongst other personas in the room can be challenging, put down your phone and shake some hands. That is the only way you will make someone remember YOU and YOUR brand. Accompanying the intentional interaction with a simple smile will carry you further than you might imagine. Initiate conversation, show enthusiasm and authenticity to promote yourself.

Instead of dreading the usual networking event, dinner with new friends or significant other’s holiday parties, use the opportunity to meet and engage a new audience. Have your business cards on hand and follow up as soon as you can. In a world of technology, handing over that simple piece of small cardstock can make all the difference.

It’s time to put these tips to the test. Are you ready to show everyone who YOU are?

Posted on February 22, 2018 in Article

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