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By Lauren Cherry

RunSwitch PR is focused on providing our clients with the expertise and skills that connect all the dots and create winning public relations and public affairs strategies. Collateral materials and advertising assets that clearly communicate your product, project or issue are a very important component of your overall communications campaign. That’s where access to a communications team with full-service in-house graphic design can make all the difference.

The advantages to working with public relations professionals who also have graphic design skills put our clients a step ahead of the competition.

Our in-house creative services are advantageous for our clients for several reasons:

Our complete understanding of your communications needs allows us to craft and design your key messages to appeal to your target audience. As a participant in all aspects of the campaign creation and strategy, an in-house designer fully understands your overall vision and goals. The guessing game is eliminated because the whole team is involved in the design process and concept development.

For example, when Your Community Bank turned to RunSwitch to support their acquisition of another financial institution, we developed an internal communications strategy for employees, stakeholders and the public. This strategy included development of point of sale materials for customers, web graphics for websites, newspaper and radio ads, as well as a media relations strategy.

By developing collateral materials that delivered a consistent message, we were able to help Your Community Bank smoothly transition into new communities.

We look at the big picture and we collaborate to deliver a complete plan. Because our communications team works just down the hall from each other, we are able to collaborate regularly to develop the right graphics and collateral materials to support your communications effort. We believe that imagery compels people to learn more and dive deeper into your issue or story, connecting all the dots and impacting your audience in a meaningful way.  Presenting a strong, cohesive image across all fronts portrays a strong brand presence and allows messages to resonate with audiences over time.

The middle-man is eliminated and the approval process is faster.  An in-house graphic designer can create and fully develop a brand look and designs, and the time it takes for a product to move from conception to delivery is faster as internal approval processes keep the project moving quickly. Timing is everything in public relations, and having a team that can quickly adapt and produce the collateral materials to meet your changing needs can make all the difference in your final success.

The next time you have a communications need that requires a full-service communication agency, look no-further than RunSwitch. Our in-house design team will be glad to discuss how we can develop collateral materials that give you a tactical edge and set you apart from the competition.

Runswitch graphic design

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