5 Steps to Social Media Success

5 Steps to Social Media Success

By: Katie Holston

Transitioning from high school, to college and then into the business world, changed my perception on social media success. The focus on personal image and content of our younger years transforms as we move over into the business world. While interning at RunSwitch PR this summer, I’ve learned some valuable tips to improve social media strategy in the business world:

1. Short and sweet
Not only is this a rule Twitter sets with the 240-character limit, but it is an unspoken rule when showcasing what your business has to offer. From my own personal experience as a consumer, or “scroller,” nothing pushes me away more than a novel to read with no imagery and no relevance to myself (i.e. WIIFM). Getting your brand out there and placing information at your audience’s fingertips will keep your followers happy and engaged.

2. Relevance to the audience
As stated previously, no one wants to get to the end of a post and think “that has no connection to me.” Of course, regardless of the brand, there will be plenty of people with no connection to the content, but the objective is to make them feel like there could be one. Diversifying your social content is a huge factor in retaining viewership and enhancing interest in what your organization has to offer.

3. Visuals, visuals, visuals
We are in a world of color and clarity, and as a result, will experience very limited success when a visual is not connected with a post. Attention spans have decreased and more people want easy-to-consume visuals, whether videos or photos. Adding an image to a short post not only draws a viewer’s attention but distills the valuable information you are putting out there into a simple-to-digest social post.

4. Diversify
Creating content that pleases the artistic and informative side of a brand is key to increasing engagement across all demographics. A balanced variety of tones, moods and topics is a great way to keep your media presence fresh.

5. Every word matters
Similarly to keeping things short and to the point, the words you select come at a cost as well. Condensing three words into one word not only saves the reader time, but in most cases, improves flow and reduces repetitiveness within content. Successful media content comes down to how well you project your message to the consumer and the use of enticing words.

There is no such thing as the perfect social media strategy; success comes with trial and error. Once you find what works for you, your organization, your client, or even your pet’s Instagram, you’ll be able to lay the groundwork for future success.

Posted on September 7, 2018 in Article

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