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What to Watch for in Kentucky’s GOP Primary for Governor

By Scott Jennings This article first appeared in the March 25, 2015 edition of the Courier-Journal. With two months left in Kentucky’s GOP gubernatorial primary, it appears that Louisville businessman Hal Heiner has opened a slight lead over Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, tea party candidate Matt Bevin, and former Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott.…

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Media Monitoring and Its Relevance to Our Clients

By Emily Olesh Media monitoring: the act of monitoring certain situations, atmospheres, perspectives and reputations. Maintaining constant vigil over the news, events, legislation or public policies that impact our clients is a core tenet of public relations, and a service we are constantly working to perfect at RunSwitch PR. Because we watch and report what people…

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Content Marketing – Breaking Through The Noise

By Ben Keeton This article originally appeared on IGE Media on February 4, 2015. You are an expert, now you need to let your clients know it. In the world of new media, the challenge is how to catch somebody’s attention in a crowded and noisy arena. The key to success is in developing a solid…

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Issue Advocacy: What it is and How to Do It Successfully

By Rachel Bledsoe A few years ago I was tasked with preparing a presentation about issue advocacy. It felt necessary to kick things off by defining what “issue advocacy” is. Below is what I came up with: Issue advocacy is the means by which organizations educate and inform decision makers, community leaders, and the general…

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Meet the jockeys riding Kentucky’s GOP tickets for governor

By: Scott Jennings This article first appeared in the March 4, 2015 edition of the Courier-Journal. The race to become the Republican nominee for Kentucky governor is in full-swing, with the four tickets appearing at Lincoln Day Dinners, rolling our platforms, and raising funds. Each of the four has also assembled a team of staff…

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The One Question I Ask Every Candidate

By Gary Gerdemann  It usually comes early in the interview – within the first 15 minutes. I ask a few introductory questions to learn where the candidate sitting across from me is from and how they came to us. As a former reporter, this is interesting because everyone’s journey has dozens of stories. You can…

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