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Why I Support Mitch McConnell for the United States Senate

By: Scott Jennings This column originally appeared in the Courier-Journal on October 29, 2014. “You must support my likely opponent!” he said, chuckling. “No sir, I’m a Republican and I am for you,” I said. “A Republican from Dawson Springs? Now I’ve seen it all,” he said, bemused and probably wondering if I was full of it.…

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Food Industry Trends

If you want to know where the food industry is going…pay attention to Walmart.  Recently, the giant retailer held its second Global Sustainability Milestone meeting to talk about its sustainability efforts. The company pledged to become more sustainable in the global food supply chain by ensuring that the food it sells is: More affordable (environmentally, societally and…

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Half of Congress is Working. Half isn’t.

By: Scott Jennings This column originally appeared in the Courier-Journal on October 7, 2014.  With President Obama’s second midterm looming, people are beginning to look more closely at the election and wonder what Congress could be like if all of it actually worked, as opposed to just half of it. Americans are treated to routine clips…

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Meet Our Team: Rachel Bledsoe

Rachel Bledsoe’s experience and background in healthcare policy has served a broad range of RunSwitch’s healthcare clientele since the agency first opened its doors in 2012. As one of our founding team members, Rachel brings to the company a unique public affairs and public relations skill set. But those skills don’t just stop at healthcare.…

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Meet Our Team: Gary Gerdemann

Gary Gerdemann, one of RunSwitch PR’s founding partners, is an award-winning strategist, spokesman, entrepreneur, writer and public speaker. Gary brings unique perspective and expertise to RunSwitch’s public relations team. He understands that clients are under a lot of pressure to meet goals, raise sales, or communicate a message. As a former newspaper reporter, Gary developed…

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