Why Runswitch

RunSwitch offers expertise in public relations and public affairs, but most importantly, we deliver results. With decades of experience in high-performance environments handling high-risk issues, we get you to the right answer faster and more effectively. We consistently deliver winning results through our experience, strategy and creativity.


Results matter. We deliver clear results. That’s what you need and that’s why we created RunSwitch. It’s a simple equation. Growing your business helps grow ours.


We created RunSwitch for your benefit. Our clients get the benefit of our decades of experience at the highest levels of business and politics. At RunSwitch, you’ll have access to our most senior and experienced associates when you need it.


Great results begin with planning and great strategy. Our strategy always begins with you…your goals, your needs and your desired outcomes. From there, we build a custom strategy to deliver maximum results at the right time.


We go beyond the traditional in searching for ways to accomplish your goal. We aren’t limited to the standard. We don’t recommend buzzy, glitzy, flavor-of-the-month solutions because they are trendy. We use proven platforms to deliver clear results.